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Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC is the top choice for Lynchburg pressure washing. We offer precision cleaning at a great price. We are passionate about quality pressure washing service because we know our work helps customers take pride in their homes as a space of comfort and joy. Whether you're moving, need routine maintenance, or want to freshen up a property before listing on the market, we've got you covered!

With several years of industry experience and a keen eye for detail, you can trust that we're the pressure washing company your Lynchburg home dreams of! Our full-service menu has options for almost every need, from residential to commercial, and we never skimp on quality! We aren't just pressure washers- we're experts in our field and proud members of the Lynchburg community.

House Washing

House washing is a fast, affordable makeover for your home's exterior. Our experts thoroughly clean siding and other surfaces for spotless curb appeal that's free of dirt, algae, and grime.

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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is an essential home maintenance task that promotes maximum health and quality of life. Our process protects your roof from rot and discoloration while also promoting good gutter flow, which is essential for preserving landscaping and warding off premature repairs.

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Driveway Washing

Driveway washing restores your pavement's natural glow by removing grime, plant growth, stains, and other discoloration. The process renews your pavement while also keeping paths hazard-free for loved ones and guests.

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Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

If you find that your gutters are in some serious need of gutter cleaning services here in Lynchburg, Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC is proud to offer gutter cleaning and brightening services. Our business is all about getting exterior surfaces clean and stain-free, and your gutters are no exception.

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Deck Cleaning

At Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC, we're in the business of taking old and rundown looking and making them look as good as new. Our deck cleaning and refinishing is the perfect example of services we provide to Lynchburg homeowners that completely restore the look and condition of your property.

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Fence Washing

If your fence is starting to look gray and weathered, don't panic! Our residential pressure washing experts at Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC can easily remove all the algae and grime and leave you with a sparkling perimeter in no time.

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Sidewalk Washing

Sidewalk cleaning restores your walkway's natural shine by removing the buildup that grows over time. Our sidewalk cleaning brightens pavement by stripping away color-dulling filth such as stains, algae, and even chewing gum.

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Window Cleaning

Get sparkling clean windows without trying to DIY the work. Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC's window cleaning is the best in the Lynchburg community.

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Clay Stain Removal

At Campbell County Pressure Washing LLC, we're dedicated to filling the need for a trusted, reliable company in Lynchburg that focuses on exceeding customer expectations while providing high-quality results. Our detail-oriented experts will make quick work of your red clay stains.

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Christmas Light Installation

For the most festive house on the block, without lifting a finger, let our pros tackle your twinkling lights. We offer full-service Christmas light installation for the exterior of your home.

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